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Invoice Factoring Service

Many business owners have discovered that using a good invoice factoring service can make or break your growth potential. Invoice factoring services eliminate waiting for payments from your customers. Instead of waiting up to 60 days to get paid your invoice factoring service converts your invoices to immediate cash for a small fee, often less than a quick pay discount. The average invoice factoring service charges in the range of 1% to 3% to provide cash for credit worthy invoices. Once set up you can stop waiting for payments and start using your increased cash flow to make your operation more effective. It’s very simple and effective, invoice your customers like you always do, then let your invoice factoring service to the waiting around for payment while you enjoy the power of having cash on hand.


  • Many invoice factor services advance up to 98% of the invoice total
  • Use the cash flow for growth, then go back to the bank when your goals are achieved
  • Start’s ups are welcome
  • Fast invoice funding same day, once set up and approved
  • Factoring fee’s as low as .69%
  • 15 years of experience working in a variety of industries
  • In most cases our factoring service does not require upfront fee’s


  • Many of our clients offset the cost with supplier discounts
  • Purchase American made PPE for Employees
  • Pay off Debt or invest in new technology
  • Fund your company growth
  • Easy payroll by having quick cash
  • Make inventory purchases and take advantage of better pricing
  • Provide large customers longer payment terms
  • Pay employees quicker to attract better talent

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